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Central Maryland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery and anesthesia services. The practice referral base is very strong and loyal, we are highly recommended and treat patients throughout Howard County, as well as neighboring counties. Our team of knowledgeable and trained professionals have been with the practice for many years and share in the belief of a long-term relationship. Our surgical team will strive to provide you with the quality treatment you expect and deserve.

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The current physical practice, built in 2009, is a 4300-square-foot facility. This includes a 400-square-foot Class C-level operating room and recovery bays, where we work closely with Board Certified Anesthesiologists. The office is directly across from Howard County General Hospital, a Johns Hopkins University affiliate. The building is a modern, multi-specialty structure affiliated with both John Hopkins University and University of Maryland. We have continued to invest in the latest digital technology and equipment to remain at the forefront of our specialty. You will be treated with compassion and kindness to ensure that you are comfortable with the treatment you receive.

To protect patient privacy, cellular phones, photos and videos are strictly prohibited throughout the Central Maryland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery suite. 

Meet Our Team

Providing great patient care is the primary goal of our doctors. Our team works together to provide a warm, comfortable, and relaxing environment. From the moment you enter our practice we want you to feel like a member of the family.

Domenick P. Coletti


Our patients say it best…

“Hold Me Accountable For My Words” Sounds familiar from dishonest politicians “Uh”. I’m not a politician or a dishonest citizen but I am giving an honest review. I was referred to this Dentist last week. From the moment I made my appointment, several persons from the office contacted me to make sure I had guidance. I live a distance from the office and once I walked into the office there was a huge calmness. The atmosphere was very clean and peaceful. I did not have a long wait. The staff was very accommodating and once I met Dr. Coletti, he was able to diagnose what was going on right away. I was so impressed with his personality and his knowledge. He really is a specialist and those members of his team represent a great spirit in this Office. I highly recommend this office if you need a dentist. If it weren’t so far from my home I would stop by occasionally just to say hello. Thank you Dr. Domenick Coletti and Staff.”


“Thank you so much for your amazing talent in doing my dental implants. You have helped to alleviate my anxiety and fear after the dental nightmare of hell I’ve been through this year.
The passion you have for your work is evident in your energy and the way you operate, and your team of assistants is top-notch with a synergy like a well-oiled machine and the feeling of a family.
I greatly appreciate the high-quality care I received. I know I’m in good hands with your practice, and I look forward to finishing the implant and crown process. Thank you for your incredible service to humanity through restoring the smiles and lives of thousands of people.”


“Please know that I am most appreciative of the medical attention, care and timeliness you have shown me especially when I was most in need with pain. I am also most appreciative of the professionalism shown to me by your staff. And I can’t help but wonder: How did you get so fortunate? How did you come to hire such fine professional employees? I don’t think it was luck, I think it was good judgment. And I think everyone on your staff mirrors your concern for each patient who call your office, walks through your door or sits in your dental chair.
I would like to specifically mention Amanda, Why? Because every time I have interacted with her, I have never been disappointed. It would seem she instinctively knows how best to respond to my questions and fulfill my needs and most importantly in her kindness she is mindful of what you expect from her and that she represents you in providing the best for your patients. Please share my expression of appreciation for the many kindnesses shown to me by everyone on your staff as there are many and whose names I do not know and cannot thank personally.”


VATECH Green Cone Beam CT Scanner photo

The only CBCT scanner approved by the FDA for pediatric use.

Our VATECH Green Cone Beam CT Scanner is the only CBCT scanner approved by the FDA for pediatric use. It is designed to quickly provide high-quality images using an ultra low x-ray dosage, making it safe and convenient. With this scanner, we can do a comprehensive diagnosis to aid in a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgeries including orthognathic and implant surgery.

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